Where Did My Imagination Go?

Where Did My Imagination Go?

Somewhere along my journey through life I lost my imagination. I don’t know if there’s some mystic lost and found box somewhere that you have to go and pick it up again after a certain age or if your mind locks it up after you get and job and experience the “real world”. Maybe it’s more simple than that, like it just silently creeps out of your ear while you are sleeping. In any case all I know is that mine is lost.

I can remember playing with toys when I was younger and back then they had their own personalities and feelings. Now I think they’re expensive pieces of plastic put on this Earth to give kids something to whine about and for parents to have something they can take away to make the kids stop whining. When I see my girlfriends’ son playing with his toys, I can remember back to myself playing with mine as a kid. I can remember all the toys I had and their personalities as well. Now however, when I pick up one of his toys it seems as if the magic they once held is completely gone. I try to play with them but I just feel silly as an adult playing with them. If I do play with them, her son has to move the story along and setup what happens next because of my lack of imagination. I never thought that would happen to me. Growing up, I had an interest in toys even when I was getting too old for them. I probably played with toys until I was almost thirteen or fourteen. After I stopped playing with them, I figured if I ever had a kid I would be able to just pick them back up and start playing again. Again I would wage war in epic battles of good versus evil or just build things with Legos or K’nex.

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But now I realize that it doesn’t really work like that when it comes to toys. It’s not really like riding a bike or ice skating. You can’t easily just rekindle or reignite your imagination. He is seven years old now and there will only be a few “toy years” left so I guess I will have to find that mystic lost and found box or see if it fell out of my head… “Imagination? Where are you?”

Lessons we learned Today: Rubber band your ears together at night so your imagination can’t sneak out. Also, wear a hat in case it tries to escape through the top.