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Lawns and Pests

There are many benefits to owning a well-manicured lawn, firstly you get a lot of shade and fresh air plus it adds to the beauty of your house and any homeowner would be proud to have that. Lawns actually increase the value of your house hence you should have one if you have plans of moving to another area because you will fetch a higher price than you paid for.

However, it should be known that keeping a lawn is no easy job especially with the current lifestyles that most people are leading; having to work for longer leaving little time to do anything else. Poorly kept lawns translate to lazy homeowners who are not well organized plus they pose a health hazard for anyone who has contact with them especially for kids that might want to play there.

Lawns also provide habitats to a range of pests hence you should do something to avoid them making a home of your lawn and further finding their way into your house. For further emphasis, when rats and ants make it to your house a lot of problems arise: rats could make your food unfit for consumption, ruin your clothes while ants make a home a home of your kitchen providing a constant nuisance.

One mistake most lawn owners make is leaving dead branches, leaves and debris to lie around in the lawn, pests shelter there, clean your lawn spotlessly and pests will have nowhere to set base. Mosquitoes among other pests are known to breed better in long grasses and they pose a great danger to your family especially your young children, avoid all this by making sure that you regularly mow your lawn.

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Watering of the lawn should only be done in the early mornings because the water will dry faster when its absorbed by the plants, watering at night makes the soil too soft and pests are attracted by this. By planting common grasses you might be actually attracting more pests because these grasses are food for these pests, plant a variety of grasses to that cannot be consumed by these pests to avoid this.

After you have done this and still encounter pests in your lawn then it is time to bring in the big guns, pesticides will get rid of them as fast as they infest your lawn. Doing some research before you decide to use pesticide in your lawn will help you choose the best brands that will eliminate a lot of pests at one go and even help you find some that have permanent effects. Also make sure that you purchase all the right equipment and safety gear when you decide to do it yourself.

If you do not want to do it yourself there are professional services that you could look for to do it for you.

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