Tips on Writing a Good Biography

Tips on Writing a Good Biography

It is understandable that you may be bored with an assignment which asks you to write a biography. Biographies, done properly are quite entertaining, and can get you a good mark. Just follow this outline, and you’ll be able to draft a biography that is interesting.

Realize what’s necessary for inclusion. A biography has an expected outline. Generally, they include chronologically ordered pieces of data about a person’s life and career.  It is necessary to include facts like place and date of birth, major accomplishments, family details, the influence the individual had on society and place and date of death.

Keeping the interest of the reader. There won’t be anybody, including the star of the biography, who will be interested in a boring tale of his life. Come up with a way to keep the reader riveted with interesting or humorous facts.

Make an impact. Start the biography with a really interesting sentence. Think about a little known or funny fact or describe a crucial moment in their life. Even a famous and compelling quote would be a great start. It must be something that entices the reader to read on. This sentence can come from any stage of the person’s life. Please do not begin with a dry sentence such as ‘Peter Jones was born in Missouri in 1821’. Your readers will be napping by the time they get to the second paragraph!

Complete your first paragraph. Now that you have made an impactful opening, you should link the statement with something relevant. Perhaps detail how influential a particular moment was in the person’s life. Highlight the importance of your introduction sentence, then introduce the subject and the intended topics.

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Keep this energy for the remainder of the biography. Compose every paragraph so that it is exciting. Emphasize rich details and avoid writing stark facts that can become dry reading. Attempt to compose it similar to a novel instead of a thesis or paper. Utilize many adjectives and descriptive language to build up your targeted individual as an intriguing and important person they once were. If it is possible, add good pictures with catching captions to maintain the reader’s interest. Conclude the biography with a section that sums up its primary elements. To attain high marks, write a provocative title page.