Learning The “Secrets” of Bathtubs

Clawfoot Bathtubs for That Classic Feeling in Your Modern Home

Do you remember the times when people considered the simple things as beautiful? These days, some people are looking to add a sense of history inside their homes. The warm feeling and homey appearance of a home cannot be experienced with most fixtures and appliances of today. Even the fixtures for the bathroom are today integrated with the latest technology.

Whenever you go to the house of your grandparents, you might have experienced a warmth and homey feeling inside, in spite of its simplicity and classic appearance. No plasma TV, no remotely controlled curtains, simple fixtures for the kitchen, and those lovely cookie jars. Even their bathroom may be fitted with simple but beautiful fixtures.

The classic look is even found in the bathtub. If this is what you want in your home, you might want to consider getting some clawfoot bathtub. This bathtub is widely popular for homeowners who desire to create a classic American appearance in their own bathrooms. It features a really simple design and a very pleasing look.

A clawfoot bathtub is available in many different variations. You should think about getting one that will match your bathroom even more. Some clawfoot bathtubs are fabricated from cast iron while others are made from acrylic. There is a variation of styles as well such as the roll top, dual, and also dual slipper. You may also choose from several types of clawfoot bathtub feet, which includes a claw and ball, lion paw, imperial pedestal, as well as skirt.

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Basically these are the factors you need to know regarding the couple different materials used for the clawfoot bathtub.
If you’re someone who is a firm traditionalist and prefers having a clawfoot bathtub that features an original look, you might want to look at a clawfoot bathtub made of cast iron. A cast iron bathtub can be painted as well as repainted to go with your bathroom’s d?cor. These bathtubs are weighty and are not ideal for those with bathrooms on the second floor of their home. Also, because it’s metal, it’s not going to retain heat for so long. Such clawfoot bathtub is durable and can last for many, many years, which is one of its advantages.

The acrylic tub in contrast is light weight as well as simple to transfer and install. It can be installed in upper story bathrooms as well due to its weight. Acrylic clawfoot bathtubs are superior insulator and are able to retain heat for an extended time. One of the disadvantages of the acrylic clawfoot bathtub is that it can break down whenever it gets in contact with cleaning chemicals that are very strong, for instance acetate.

You can likewise set up special types of faucets on the clawfoot bathtub. Try experimenting, if not think about the designs of the clawfoot bathtub faucet you would like to install in your tub. If you can initiate redecorating the bathroom in your house, you can have that classical feel in your home.

When you have fitted your bathroom with a clawfoot bathtub, it will create a pleasant effect on all the other things surrounding it.

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