Family Cookbooks Are Ideal For Fundraisers

Family Cookbooks Are Ideal For Fundraisers

Fundraising by selling unique personalized cookbooks had been a consistently successful process for decades. Whether it is for schools, churches, PTA, bands, charities or politics, a quality cookbook packed with recipes from real people in your community or organization will be a proven method for raising those much-needed funds.

Why Are Personalized Cookbooks So Popular?

A family cookbook that is made up of recipes from members of your group or organization is not only a useful tool in the kitchen; it often becomes a keepsake, as well. There will be no other cookbook like it anywhere on the planet. Imagine being able to sell a cookbook with your Aunt Sadie’s famous chicken casserole recipe. You know… the one she has kept secret for about 50 years until you convinced her to give it up for your fundraiser? That in itself could be worth the price of the book.

Is The Market Flooded?

You might think that there are already too many fundraiser cookbooks available already, but the history of fundraising cookbooks indicates otherwise. As mentioned above, the cookbook you design will be a one-of-a-kind publication with recipes and ideas than haven’t been published before. People will also purchase a cookbook simply because it is for a good cause. It could be to raise money for cancer research or to help a specific person, family or organization. Human beings are “wired” to be generous. We enjoy sharing and helping others. It’s in our nature. Offering an attractive cookbook will give them the chance to show that generosity. I know first hand. My wife has more than a dozen cookbooks from fraternal organizations, schools and churches.

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The Process Is Simple

Designing and creating a cookbook isn’t difficult. You need to work with cookbook publishers that have a solid track record and a guarantee. That’s right… I said a guarantee. There are a few cookbook publishers out there that provide them. If they don’t, I would steer clear of them.

With the guides and assistance provided by a quality fundraising cookbook publisher, you can have yours ready to go with a minimum of time and effort. They provide a very professional product that anyone would be proud to have in their kitchen library.

If your organization wants to conduct a successful fundraiser, check out the various cookbook publishers and find one that fits your needs.

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