Discreet Affair

Discreet Affair

Do you know that the major element arousing intense excitement is the knowledge that any contact would violate some moral precept or personal pledge. What makes this kind of sex so hot is that it is, at the very least, a little naughty and, at its best, downright “bad”. If you struggle with yourself to resist the temptation, the inner turmoil can take on the properties of an aphrodisiac. Nothing creates a more ferocious need than fighting your desire until sheer lust eventually overwhelms your will to resist.

Violating a taboo is an important part of the appeal when a married person engages in infidelity, especially when sex in the marriage has grown stale and predictable. Sex with someone else may enable you to avoid confrontation, but, if all the eroticism gets played out with someone else, sex with that person, of course can end up short-changing the sexual potential with your committed partner.

Some people suggest that having an occasional fling on the side has contributed to their happy marriage. Several successful career women have also confided in me that a secret romance with a professional colleague, whether or not it resulted in intercourse, intensified their desire and lust with their own husband. One married woman related an experience where the sexual attraction between her and her male colleague built up to the point where they eventually. they began to kiss passionately and would break away from one another trembling. But she did not want to betray her husband and decided not to have a full-blown affair. When her husband suddenly became the recipient of her lust, he felt very, very happy. At one point, he told his wife rather sternly, “I do not know what you are doing that is getting you so hot, and I do not want to know the cause. But just keep it up.”

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The association of breaking a taboo with intensification of desire and lust is unavoidable in our society as long as childhood sexuality is prohibited. When hiding and defying authority or humiliation and discipline are paired with intense arousal as it often in children’s exploration in our culture, these qualities become part of the building blocks of our sexual development. Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest because that is what we cut our teeth on. As long as our society continues to punish childhood sexuality and drive it underground, breaking taboos will continue to inspire some of the most intensely exciting sex.